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Being Customer Driven should be the core of your quality process

by admin on September 13, 2007

Even if you’re not directly interacting with external customers, your job relies on them in more ways than you’re probably aware of.

Being “Customer Driven” means more than just talking to customers and giving them what they want. Being Customer Driven means…

  • Developing relationships with customers to determine their needs and then fulfilling these needs as best you can.
  • Understanding your customer’s position both with your company and with their own customers.
  • Having reliable information that is effectively communicated to your customer
  • Having a source of personnel available to aid your customer as needed in your quality process and their quality process
  • Informing your customer as your skills change or your processes change to make the most of your relationship
  • Asking probing questions and giving thorough answers

Being Customer Driven is the best thing you can possible be, whether you are in service, production or behind the scenes. We all play a part in the customer service process and being customer driven is the core of this quality process.

To help remind those around you of ways to be Customer Driven, we’ve developed the QP270 Quality Process Poster. This poster asks us the five important questions we should ask ourselves about our interactions with customers and allows us to answer differently each day.

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