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Who is responsible for Quality in your facility?

by admin on October 15, 2007

I’ll preface this by saying that this is, infact, a loaded question.

Who is in charge of quality at your company?
Is it the Quality Engineer? The Plant Manager?
The manufacturing director?
The quality control personnel on the line?
The shipping and receiving department?
The sales force?

Who of these people is responsible for quality in your business? The answer is “All of them”, and “Everyone”. Quality is a facet of every job and every position in a company depends on the quality of the other positions to perform their own tasks. Lets see how this breaks down in the simplest of forms.

Without Quality in the leaders of a company.. and I’m talking about the people at the top.. there is no quality below. How can anyone take pride in the quality of their work if those at the top can’t do the same? Does this mean that quality starts with the very top? Absolutely not, but it must include the top.

From the top down, you have managers, middle managers, production personnel, sales personnel, marketing, reception, shipping, receiving, accounts payable and receivable, maintenance… every facet of every position in any company of any size is responsible for quality.

I already covered the top level. Now lets look at those who are the meat and potatoes of your company. These are the men and women who push the cogs, make the calls, file the papers and get everyone paid. Every one of these jobs is based on Quality, and a lack in quality of any one of these positions would be just as devastating as lack of quality in top management.

We are all responsible for quality. Thus, we all should pat ourselves on the back for the example we make to our peers and the pride we take in our quality. Make quality a part of your every day and everyone will notice, as you help instill quality in them as well.

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