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Achieving company goals is more fun then going to work

by admin on April 6, 2008

At FLEXi Display we are all leaders and managers, and we’re always asking; how can we help each other be successful and to feel good about our efforts at being the best we can be, as an organizational team and as individuals.

Success and feeling good are different for everyone and therefore we need to look at each in the context of our working together. FLEXI Display, the organization that brings us together, has a Vision, Mission, Principles and Corporate Strategy revolving around making a difference for our customers, community and our employees. We’re also committed to having a work environment where we can learn to be the best we can be as a team and also as individuals. It’s in this team environment of having organization and personal growth that we can share success and can feel good about ourselves.

Teams are made up of individuals who are committed to goals that accomplish our Corporate Strategy and move our organization toward our Vision and Mission. Goals create the agenda that make our efforts more effective and fulfilling. It’s in the accomplishment of goals that we can tie our successes and good feelings too. A goal with a big improvement is great and any improvement is good. We want to enjoy every improvement, and set the stage for a lot of them. At FLEXi we have big goals in our near future and we have to actively work on them. After all, what we do has a positive effect on a lot of people and their goals, and we can affect just how much they do count on us by the services and products we’re providing them.

Goals are always something that is out there, not yet accomplished. There are long range and short range goals. Most goals have sub goals that have to occur to get to the bigger goal. Organization wide goals are participated in by everyone. Some goals meant to positively affect our organization may be initiated and carried out by an individual or small group. Our future success will come from our team members fulfilling on our existing goals and initiating new goals that support our efforts.

A new goal, that has not yet been accomplished, is scary for most people because if it’s new, there is uncertainty as to how to accomplish it and there is the possibility of failure. That is why we speak of our company being a learning organization. When our attitude is one of I’m learning rather then “I know it all”, then failure can be experienced as “what can I now do different and better”. Most learning comes from outside of ourselves and we always need to be open to new knowledge. There are few guarantees in life, so the best way to prepare for a future we choose, is to acquire new knowledge that will be helpful in our accomplishment of those choices.

A nice thing about working in a small organization is that we can all be supportive of one another in this learning process. As leader – managers, one of our roles is to support and encourage each other to accomplish what we each say we are up to accomplish on behalf of our organization Vision, Mission and Corporate Strategy.

FLEXi is committed to creating an environment where each person has the opportunity to grow and experience success. We promise to provide an environment where every person who is committed to learning can stick their neck out, commit to new challenges, attempt thoughtful changes in cooperation with others, and feel they have a safe environment to discuss the outcome… even if the project falls short of the goal. We appreciate your taking a chance to grow with us.

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