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The True Cost of Quality

by admin on November 20, 2009

When it comes to keeping and attracting more business in an increasingly competitive marketplace, Quality is one of the most important features a company can provide for their customers. Quality will promote the following for a company’s products and brands:

Increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

Attract new customers looking for quality products and services.

Lower overall costs of doing business.

Decrease the need for inspection.

Increase long-term profitability.

When choosing to buy two competing products of the same cost, customers will choose the product they feel will give them better value, (a personal perception formed by the belief that the product either works better, lasts longer, tastes better), or commonly referred to as QUALITY. Even when quality differences are narrow, the brand with the better perceived quality usually will get the consumer dollar. Loyal customers buy repeatedly and often influence friends to buy the product. Once a product is known for quality, customers will be attracted to buy even when it is not reduced in price.

Business should focus on building quality into the product. This starts at the design phase of the process. A production process with less variability, where departmental functions conform to established and documented work procedures, standards, inspections, and other monitored quality measures, will produce higher quality products. When a company builds quality into the product at the start, there is less chance for a poor quality product at the end of the process. It is much harder to take poor quality inputs and create a high quality product.

When a business makes a high quality product the first time, it does not have the added cost of rework or scrapping a poorly made unit. It does not cost a company anymore to make the product right the first time around. The true COST of poor quality, or non-conformance, can carry a high price tag. Fixing defects in a product costs more time and money, and actually creates losses (scrap) for those poorly made units. Consequently, if these same non-conforming units are allowed to reach the end customer, the resulting loss of consumer confidence and their brand loyalty is difficult, if not impossible, to ever gain back.

Organizations often seek ways to increase employee awareness of Quality responsibility into their everyday processes, from initial concept to final shipment. One way that employee pride of workmanship and ownership can be inspired is by displaying attention-getting Quality awareness posters and other incentives. Our creative team at also understands that your organization is unique and that you may have more specific or targeted needs. We will be happy to assist you with incorporating your own Quality reinforcement campaign through customization so that your message is communicated with maximum impact.

Below are several products featured on that can be used to focus on raising awareness to Quality:

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